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2021 Calculated Apportioned Share Relief Program Launched

Deadline for Application for First Quarter of 2021: December 1
Do Not Delay!

As Bishop Dietsche announced November 7 in his address to Diocesan Convention, the Adjustment Board has developed a plan for providing streamlined COVID-19 related Calculated Apportioned Share relief, ranging from 5% to 25%, to congregations with annual Calculated Apportioned Shares for 2021 of less than $500,000.

How to Apply

For each quarter for which a congregation wishes to apply for relief through this program
  1. The congregation’s vestry, wardens and clergy in charge must first approve the application;
  2. The online form (click on button below) must be completed and signed, including
  • Basic information regarding any decline in the congregation’s income
  • The names and contact details of the congregation’s clergy in charge and wardens
  • The level of relief for which the congregation wishes to apply (this can change from quarter to quarter)
  • Certification that the vestry, wardens and clergy in charge have approved the application.
Please note that the deadline is December 1 for application under this program for relief for the first quarter’s payment. If you think your congregation should apply, START TO TAKE ACTION NOW.

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